Many of our clients are committed to helping others recover and will gladly share their personal testimonies with those considering our program. For names and phone numbers of persons willing to be contacted call or email us.

“I can honestly say I am fully recovered after years of struggling with debilitating anxiety. BVRM taught me valuable skills for coping and over coming anxiety and stress. There is hope and help available, you just have to ask” … Debbie

“I have often described Rev. Murphy and the trainers with BVRM as my “angels of mercy”. Through their loving ministry and patient tracking I have given the tools that enabled me to reclaim a wonderful, productive life which anxiety had snatched from me. There is hope and freedom from the prison of anxiety” … Holly

“After years of watching my wife suffer from Panic Disorder we found help with Broken Vessels. By applying their training my wife and I are happier and lead a more normal life. I would encourage anyone who has this problem to contact the wonderful people at BVRM and get the help you need” … Grady

“I know the hopelessness and despair that the terror of panic attacks bring. I know the crippling effect they can have on your life. But now I know what it means to have hope, peace, and confidence to face an attack with the assurance that it will not overwhelm me. You don’t have to spend any more time in this nightmare, your life can be changed too.” … Marshall

“The facts and tools I learned covering this disorder have been invaluable in my progress toward total recovery, something I never dreamed possible” … Sam

“Incredibly, after 16 years of suffering, I found out I wasn’t the only one who felt this way and that there is a name for this terrible affliction. I learned more about who I am. I learned tools for getting better and I have. Now, for the first time, there is hope and soon I know my recovery will be complete” … Rick

Rev. Robert Murphy

BVRM Executive Director

Charter Member American Association of Christian Counselors